Logistical Expertise

Years ago, as world-market demand for our pure white pumice grew, we understood that we could not excel as a planet-spanning pumice supplier if we didn’t develop in-house expertise in worldwide logistics. The ability to ship pumice anywhere and in any amount—packaged as needed for end use—meant we couldn’t simply rely on a collection of shippers to fine-tune the details and trim out the inefficiencies.

On-Spec On-Time Promise

Hess Pumice employs robust, custom-developed process software that carefully tracks each order from plant through delivery, handling the shipping and export documentation, wringing out mistakes and cost creep every step of the way.

With every freight quote, we apply decades of logistics experience and leverage carrier connections to make shipping choices that avoid typical freight snags. Once your shipment hits the road or the rails, we stay with it, keeping you informed of unforeseen delay issues and working to find solutions.

We know how important it is that your supply chain run smoothly. That means the pumice you order arrives precisely on spec, when needed, packaged conveniently for end use, and shipped by the most economical means possible. We consistently deliver on our “on-spec, on-time” promise because we mine, refine, package, and expertly ship all pumice from our headquarters in Idaho. This process integration is uncommon in the pumice industry...and even more impressive when you consider the volumes we process and destinations we ship to.

Shipping Pumice Worldwide

Wherever you are, we’ll get it there. Hess has successfully shipped pumice to just about every corner of the globe. We’ll package and deliver pumice for shipment in small canisters or load it in bulk rail cars (100 tons each). We’ll even air freight pumice at a customer’s request when timing is critical.

Contact us with your requirements (specs, packaging, quantities, other) and we can provide pricing information on FOB or Freight Collect basis anywhere in the world.

LEAD TIMES. We maintain a modest stock of most standard grades and in many cases can ship SMALL ORDERS from our warehouse immediately, thus reducing small-order lead times. LARGE ORDERS or orders for NON-STOCKING GRADES require a two-week lead time. Please plan accordingly.

Sample quantities of pumice—from a couple of pounds to a full-sized production bag—can be ordered online through our Pumice Store. Our fulfillment center typically ships within 24 hours.

arrow Here to Help. You can certainly make your own shipping arrangements, but we’re happy to put our logistical expertise into play—from getting you a shipping quote to providing overwatch until it arrives at your unloading dock. Contact the Sales Manager at (208) 766-4777 x142 or email

Bulk or Pneumatic Boxcar
Dry Van Covered Hopper
Flat Bed Open Hopper
Inter-modal Pressure Differential Car
Ocean Containers  

Pick Up the Pumice

We also accommodate those who wish to arrange their own shipping and pick up palleted product at our loading dock or have bulk trailers loaded with mine grades from our stockpiles or directly at the mine. Please contact us to make arrangements.


We know pumice. We’ll answer your questions, help determine the ideal grade for your needs, get you sample grades for testing, or help figure out the logistics of getting pumice to you.

R&D: (208) 766-4777 x111

Sales: (208) 766-4777


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