Pumice in Exfoliants and Scrubs

Hess refines a low heavy-mineral pumice, with impurity concentrations of less than 0.3 percent, an enhancement of quality vital for use in cosmetics and personal care products. Fine pumice powder has been used to add gentle abrasive cleaning power to hand soaps for many years, and is now found in the entire spectrum of exfoliating and personal care products—shower and body gels, heavy duty hand cleansers, facial and foot scrubs.

Why Pumice as an Exfoliant

Creams and soaps containing pumice take the form of facial and body scrubs, with pumice powder acting as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, clean pores, and restore skin vibrancy. Pumice-based hand scrubs and soap remove the most stubborn grime without needing harsh chemicals...or a lot of elbow grease, as a light-touch scrubbing is all that is needed for the microscopic surfaces of the pumice to do the job. The ban on microbeads spurred renewed interest in finding a proven, sustainable, eco-friendly, effective exfoliant for personal care products. Pumice fits that need.

Proven Effective—pumice is already being used successfully in exfoliating products.

Sustainable—our pumice comes from an ancient sea bed, washed clean of impurities by centuries of wave action, and our patented deposit has a confirmed yield in the millions of tons.

Cost Effective—the valuable physical and chemical characteristics of pumice were “manufactured” by Mother Nature. The refining-to-grade process for our pumice is minimal. Thus, the cost of refined pumice is highly attractive while the environmental impact is negligible.

Eco-Friendly—pumice is abundant and benign. Nor does it add a carbon source with the potential to unbalance the eco system (that it is eventually washed into) like biodegradable botanical grits can.

Ideal Structure—the frothy micro-sponge structure of pumice—even when refined to fine powders—means pumice provides both excellent exfoliating texture and absorbency for liquid ingredients and scents. A very low specific gravity means pumice stays suspended in the product.

Naturally Pure and White—The Hess pumice deposit, found in Southeast Idaho, is naturally white (84 brightness on the GE scale) and of a natural purity that has our pumice in demand world-wide.

Microbead Replacement—With the US law banning the manufacture and commerce of products containing plastic microbeads (Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015), pumice stands as a proven and effective replacement for microbeads in cosmetic and cleansing products while doing no harm the environment.

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NOTE: The grades selected above are typical and representative. Please contact us regarding your product or process for help to determine the ideal grade or grade blend.


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