New and Expanding Uses for Pumice

At Hess Pumice Products, we do much more than fill pumice orders. We’re also on the frontier of applications for pumice. We know there are yet-to-be-discovered uses for pumice—and in some cases, perhaps re-discovered (as when pumice was identified as the original concrete pozzolan used by the Greeks and Romans). Competitive markets drive new industrial processes and performance enhancements. Environmental and worker-safety concerns drive innovation and research into alternative materials. And Hess Pumice is right there with the innovators in the industrial marketplace, working with industry partners to utilize our abundant, sustainable, versatile pumice.

Work with a Pumice Expert

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your process, your needs, and your ideas as to whether our pumice can be a part of the solution you’re looking for—working closely with you through the concept, research, and testing phases.

Maybe you’re already using pumice, yet are looking for some gains in efficiency or performance. Pumice is not created—or processed—equally. We invite you put our pumice to the test.

Several factors contribute to our ability to position ourselves as innovators in industrial and agricultural uses for pumice.

arrow Modern, efficient processing plants and a testing lab give us the ability to be consistently on-spec, whatever that spec may be.

arrow A pumice source that has a brightness and quality unsurpassed in industry—a natural advantage we never take for granted.

arrow Innovation is baked into our DNA. The growth of our company into a global supplier is based on aggressively pursing new markets and new applications for our pure white pumice. We continue to invest in our pumice refinement technology, conduct consistent scientific research on our various products, and diversify our client base.

arrow CONTACT: Brian Jeppsen, VP Research and Development, at (208) 766-4777 x111 or email: rd@hesspumice.com.


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arrow If you’d like to sample a pumice grade (or several), we have a nice selection of stock pumice grades available to purchase in small quantities via our Pumice Products Store.

arrow If you’d like to run tests and trials using our pumice in your commercial product formulation or industrial process, please contact us at salesteam@hesspumice.com with your request. We look forward to answering your questions, helping you select the best grade for your process, or helping you explore the fit of pumice for your needs. PLEASE include your name, your company or organization, pertinent project details, ship-to address, and preferred contact information in the sample request email.


R&D: (208) 766-4777 x111

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