Pumice and LEED Certification

As the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program grows and evolves, so too does the need to understand the fit—both in cost and performance—of a wide range of effective materials and processes to meet the requirements.

As product use alone does not provide LEED points, the information in the white paper, “Pumice and LEED Certification,” focuses on identifying the LEED categories and options where pumice and pumice-enhanced products can be valuable contributors to the goal of LEED certification. The categories and options discussed include:

• Brownfield Redevelopment and Remediation

• Sustainable Sites

• Location and Transportation

• Energy and Atmosphere

• Materials and Resources

• Rainwater Management and Storm Water Design

• Outside Water Use Reduction and Water Efficient Landscaping

• Minimum Energy Performance

• Optimize Energy Performance

• Reducing Cement Content

Not all pumice is created equal, nor are the refining processes, product blends, and the companies behind those products. Hence, the information in this white paper is attuned specifically to the pumice products produced by Hess Pumice.

Consultation on the LEED-specific information in this white paper was provided by Sarah Andrews CSI, CDT; LEED AP BD+C; a member of the USGBC Faculty and an AGC Approved Instructor.

The LEED certification program has been embraced worldwide and is the predominant green building certification system in the US. Success with the goals of the LEED certification process — environmental performance, improvement of occupant well-being, and economic return — are well documented, and the program continues to evolve with the addition of new ratings systems.

Why Hess Pumice

Several factors contribute to our ability to position ourselves as innovators in industrial and agricultural uses for pumice.

• Modern, efficient processing plants and a testing lab give us the ability to be consistently on-spec, whatever that spec may be.

• A pumice source that has a brightness and quality unsurpassed in industry—a natural advantage we never take for granted.

• Innovation is baked into our DNA. The growth of our company into a global supplier is based on aggressively pursing new markets and new applications for our pure white pumice. We continue to invest in our pumice refinement technology, conduct consistent scientific research on our various products, and diversify our client base.

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