Informational Publications

Linked subdirectories and PDF files for various Hess-branded, pumice-specific publications—white papers, knowledge briefs, data sheets, info graphics, research, and test reports.


Company Information

Brochure: Hess Pumice Products. General overview.

Map: Hess Pumice Offices and Warehouse. Driving directions.

Map: Hess Pumice Mine. Route to mine.


Instructional Publications

Placing Pumice Concrete. Instructional guide.

Pumice Concrete Mix Designs. Base formulations. Consult a concrete engineer for project-specific mix designs.

HessPozz Testing Instructions.

Soil Amending Recipes.

Soil-Typing: The Jar Method.


White Papers

LEED Certification and Pumice. As the LEED program grows and evolves, so too does the need to understand the functional fit of contributing materials—like pumice—to meet the requirements.

Pumice vs. X: A Comparative Look at Pumice-like Materials.

Pumice and Perlite: A Functional Comparative for horticultural and greenscaping applications.

Amend Poor Or Damaged Soils with Pumice. Large-area soil structure, balance, and growth-sustaining performance can be improved economically with pumice.

How Pumice Pozzolans Super-Charge Concrete Performance. A landmark study details how pumice pozzolan gives standard concrete a serious strength and density boost.

Flatline Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) for Pennies and Yard. There is no way to stop ASR once such chemically-flawed concrete is placed. The solution? Mitigate the reaction in the mix design.

Ultrafine Pumice Pozzolan for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Products. Like any construct or product using Portland cement, a congenital performance vulnerability in the cement and water hydration reaction must be accounted for in the mix design.


Knowledge Briefs

Conditioning Soil With Pumice. Pumice, by virtue of its natural structure, makes an ideal soil conditioner for improving root zone structure, mitigating compaction, and retaining moisture and nutrients. Permanently.

Pumice: The Ideal Soilless Growing Media. High-efficiency soilless grow systems need a plant-ready, high-performance grow media: pumice.

Pumice Improves Compost. Blending compost feedstock with pumice improves both the biological process and the in-soil performance.

Pumice as a Filtration Media. As a filtration media, pumice is an aggressive alternative to sand.

Amorphous Aluminum Silicate (Pumice): A Performance Functional Filler for the Coatings Industry. Hess NCS micro-grades provide a performance upgrade in paints and industrial coatings without the health risks of crystalline silicas.

Exfoliant and Scrub Grit from Pure, White Pumice. A tried-and-true grit for exfoliating and cleaning products.

Pumice: A Proven Microbead Replacement. Pumice is the ideal microbead replacement material—effective, in-product proven, eco-friendly, economical and sustainable on a large scale.

Pumice is a Full-Featured Abrasive for Printed Circuit Board Preparation. The quality demands for PCBs are intense: Pumice scrubs are process-mature, cost effective, and widely applicable.

Natural Pumice Pozzolan Instead of Fly Ash. For exacting, high-performance concrete applications, the choice of pozzolan comes down to one critical point: performance consistency.

Flatline Your ASR Problem for Pennies a Yard. ASTM-standards research provides definitive data showing Hess Standard Pozz eliminates the Alkali Silica Reaction in curing concrete in the presence of even the most reactive aggregate.

Myth: More Strength Requires More Concrete. Fact: Increased strength, density, and durability can be achieved with less cement and a bit of natural pumice pozzolan.

Hess Pumice General Fact Sheet. Chemical analysis and properties, typical sieve screen analysis of various grades, and typical laser diffraction analysis of micronized grades.



The Pozzolanic Reaction.

Pumice Improves Soil Texture.

Soil-Typing: The Jar Method.


Research and Testing Reports

Freeze-Thaw Testing Report. Pumice freeze-thaw testing results from CMT Engineering Laboratories (per requirements of ASTM C330).

Summary of Two Research Studies on Pumice as a Pozzolan. Research summary quantifying the performance of Hess Pumice as a natural pozzolan—by the University of Utah and the University of Texas-Austin.

Durability of GFRC with the Addition of a Natural Pozzolan. SUMMARY of report prepared for Nippon Electric Glass Co. by Washington University, St. Louis.

Summary of Research into Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM). Research done by the University of Texas-Austin. Summary focuses on the results delivered by the pumice used in the study (pumice supplied by Hess).

Summary of Research of Hess Pumice as a Pozzolan: Phase One. University of Utah study included two pozzolan grades—DS-325 and NCS-3.

Summary of Research of Hess Pumice as a Pozzolan: Phase Two. University of Utah study focused specifically on effectiveness of pumice-blended cement on mitigating ASR.

Research on Hess Ultrapozz in a Cementitious Grout. Highlights from research conducted by the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories and Atomic Energy Canada’s Whiteshell Laboratories on the value of Hess pozzolans in an ultrafine cementitious grout.

XRF, Moisture Loss and L.O.I. Test Results. Testing done on Hess Pumice grade DS-325 (Hess Standard Pozz).



About Hess Pumice Products. Video Length: 5:29

Hess Pozz: Natural Pumice Pozzolan. Video Length: 6:59

The Hess Pumice Story. Video Length: 24:35


Certifications and Declarations

All Certifications, Declarations and Official Statements are linked from the Support Documents SubDirectory.


Technical Data Sheets

All Technical Data Sheets are linked from the TDS SubDirectory.


Product Data Sheets

Hess NCS Characteristics. Tabled data collecting the characteristics shared by the micronized Non-Crystalline Silica (NCS) grades.

Hess Pumice Aggregate Properties. Useful in developing a concrete mix design using pumice aggregate.


Safety Data Sheets

SDS: English

SDS: Euro-English

SDS: Dutch

SDS: Chinese

SDS: French

SDS: German

SDS: Italian

SDS: Spanish



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