Storage silos and rail car loading facilities.

The Hess pumice mine at Wright Creek, just north of Malad, Idaho USA.

Interior conveyance piping, pumice processing plant No. 1.

Hess UltraPozz being bagged in plant No. 2.

Loading shipping containers from warehouse stock.

Three generations of Hess leadership.

Bulk rail car loading facilities alongside plants 1 and 2.

Hess Plant No. 1, storage silos, and loading facilities, looking southwest.

Hess on-site diesel repair and equipment maintenance shop.

A Malvern laser diffraction particle size analyzer in the testing and quality control lab.

Loading Hess Standard Pozz in pneumatic rail cars.

Micrograph of pumice grade #1 at 100x magnification. Foamed-stone character of Hess pumice remains constant across grade range.

Haul truck from mine replenishing processing plant stockpiles.

Hess supplies pumice to industry in a range of grade sizes, from one-inch aggregate to powders to micro powders.

Loading a pallet.

Headwall and stockpile at the Hess pumice mine.

Surface texture of a typical pumice stone from the Hess pumice deposit.

Pumice stockpiles at the processing facility in the Malad Industrial Park, Idaho USA.

Robotic pallet loader in Plant No. 1.