Source a Pumice Sample

Hess Pumice is primarily a bulk pumice supplier—mining, refining and shipping a wide range of grade or grade blends to industry world-wide for a variety of products and industrial processes. We are happy to send you a testing sample to work with.

Pumice Store. We also sell small quantities of pumice and a selection of retail pumice products for use in categories like polishing and cleaning, horticulture, livestock and pet care, craft concrete, and more. Visit the to see a breakdown of available pumice products by category.


If you'd like to run tests and trials using our pumice in your product formulation or industrial process, please contact us at with your request. We look forward to answering your questions, helping you select the best grade for your process, or helping you explore the fit of pumice for your needs. We can also provide Certificate of Analysis with the sample.

REQUEST PROCESS: Please include your name, your company or organization, pertinent project orientation details, shipping address and preferred contact information in the SAMPLE REQUEST EMAIL.


Polishing Media
Polishing Abrasive (glass, circuit boards, dental pastes)
Tumbling Media (small parts polishing)
Etching / Blasting Media
Paint and Industrial Coatings Filler
Rubber and Plastics Filler
Cosmetic Exfoliants
Foot and Hand Scrubs
Fragrance carrier
Scrubbing / Polishing Compounds
Scrub sticks
Spill absorbant, concrete stain removal, contaminated soil remediation
Compost Amendment (nitrogen capture, VOC reduction, inorganic soil conditioner component, bulking agent, friability agent)
Soilless Grow Media (aquaponics, hydroponics)
Soil Amendment / Conditioner (potting soil, turf beds, native soil improvement, engineered soils, filtering soils, reclamation)
Chemical Carrier (seed coatings, fertilizers, soil amendment)
Flow Agent (anti-caking, pellet durability)
LIvestock and Pets (dust bath, confinement moisture control, feed bulking, bedding litter component, compost amendment)
Concrete Pozzolan (fly ash replacement, ASR mitigation, durability / longivity improvement)
Lightweight Aggregate (stone veneers, precast concrete products, plasters)
Insulative Concrete
Pumice Sand (glass fiber reinforced concrete, plasters, stuccos)
Filtration Media (drinking water, beverages, oils, waste water)
Waste Water Treatment (grey and black water recycling, mine / industrial effluent, heavy metal capture, fracking fluids, storm runoff, wastewater irrigation)
Biofiltration (filters, bioremediation, bioscrubbers, odor control, aquaculture)
Bulking Agent (spill absorbant, liquid waste solidification)
Leachate Control
Blast Mitigation (munitions transport / storage, blast absorbent structures)
Release Agent


Pumice Grades and Types

We produce 30 Standard Pumice Grades and can process pumice to meet any spec. A typical selection of our grades broken down by processed grades, mine grades, and non-crystalline silica (NCS) grades are found on the Pumice Grades and Types page.

Pumice Information and Resources

DOWNLOAD research data, whitepapers, knowledge briefs, infographics and more.

Logistics Experts

Your supply chain is crucial. It’s no longer just about getting the products you need. It’s about having suppliers sending product that precisely meet the ordered specs, arriving when needed, packaged conveniently for end use, and shipped by the most economical means possible. Hess is dedicated to being the most sophisticated producer and supplier of pumice in the world market. And quite honestly, we’re very good at it. Wherever you are, we’ll get it there. Hess has successfully shipped pumice to just about every corner of the earth. We’ll package and deliver pumice for shipment in small canisters (as small as 2 grams) or load it in bulk rail cars (100 tons each). We also have stocking distributors in 23 countries on every continent (except Antarctica), allowing us to deliver pumice quickly and economically worldwide.