Why Source Pumice from Hess?

Hess Pumice Products has grown to be the largest producer of finely ground processed pumice on the planet. How? We mine and process the world’s finest commercial deposit of white pumice, and the pumice product we ship is consistently On Spec and On Time. This promise is possible because of our dedication to the highest standards of refinement, accuracy of grading, quality control, and customer service.

Hess has been extracting and refining pumice since 1958. We are very good at what we do, and we’ll help you get the right pumice product and spec for your needs. Pumice is amazingly versatile, with such uses as a polishing and cleaning abrasive, a functional filler, concrete-enhancing pozzolan, mitigation of ASR in concrete, filtration media, and more. If it turns out that our pumice isn’t the best solution for you, we’ll tell you what is. Give us a call.

Stable, Superior Pumice Source

While other pumice suppliers have come and gone over the past decades, rising and falling with the fortunes of single industries and economic fluctuations, Hess has been continuously supplying pumice products for more than half a century. This stability is a credit to the Hess family for consistently taking the long-term view of the industry.

Our stability is a result of our relentless pursuit of new industries and uses for our pumice. It’s a result of our confirmed pumice reserves. It’s a result of our ability to efficiently mine, process, package, and ship pumice anywhere.

Hess Pumice provides pure, refined, precision-graded pumice with over 30 standard blends and 300+ custom blends. We stock many standard pumice grades in our warehouse. Our pumice is also available in several Mine Grades, sold on a per-ton basis. We also ship seven Microfine Grades. [ MORE ABOUT OUR PUMICE GRADES ]

A comprehensive Quality Assurance System provides precision particle distribution and exceptional purity. The Hess pumice deposit is unique in several of its physical characteristics. That advantage, combined with three state-of-the-art processing facilities, is why we sell our pumice to industry across the globe—even to those who may have a local pumice producer only a few miles down the road. [ MORE ABOUT OUR PUMICE ]

Giant multinationals have studied all available sources of pumice throughout the world and determined, without exception, that Hess Pumice is superior to all others. Facts such as this have led to feature articles in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and a host of regional papers and trade journals. The subject of our pumice pozzolan processing and distribution capabilities were covered in an article in the trade magazine Concrete Products.

NOTE: Typical production turnaround for most pumice grades is two weeks. Please plan accordingly.

Technical Expertise

It makes good business sense to work with suppliers who are as committed to excellence as you are. And when it comes to supplying high-quality pumice, nobody is more committed than Hess. We are capable of meeting your most demanding specifications.

Our own lab is where we ensure the quality and on-spec performance we promise our customers, but we would welcome the opportunity to join your engineers and scientists in your lab, discussing and demonstrating how Hess pumice can contribute to making your product better or process more efficient.

bulletContact R&D: (208) 766-4777 x111  •  rd@hesspumice.com

Versatility and Innovation

Hess has been setting the pace of innovation in pumice products for decades. We have helped drive the discovery of better uses and processes for pumice in a diverse range of industries.

For example, our commissioned research into pumice as a pozzolan (pumice was the original pozzolan) to greatly improve modern concrete performance and durability is driving the renaissance of pumice as a natural, safe, abundant, incredibly effective pozzolan. The oil and gas industry uses our pumice pozzolan to formulate strong, flexible, lightweight and enduring well annulus concrete. We produce an ultrafine cementitious grout used by industry to stabilize weak soils or seal microfractures in tunnels. Engineers specify pumice pozzolan for industrial and infrastructure applications where standard concrete is simply not good enough. [ MORE ABOUT PUMICE AS A POZZOLAN ]

Logistics Expertise

Our logistics expertise is critical to our ability to supply a global market with pumice products. Provide your requirements (specs, packaging, quantities, other) and we can provide pricing information on FOB, EX Works or any other Incoterm anywhere in the world. [ MORE ON OUR SHIPPING ABILITIES ]

Many standard grades are maintained in stock for immediate shipment. A two (2) week lead time is required (prior to shipment) for custom blends.

We have a network of domestic and international pumice products (powders, sands, aggregates) distributors. Contact our sales manager, and he will connect you with the distributor who can best meet your needs. In some cases, based on volume and/or location, direct purchasing arrangements can be established.


•If you’d like to run tests and trials using our pumice in your commercial product formulation or industrial process, please contact us at salesteam@hesspumice.com with your request. We look forward to answering your questions, helping you select the best grade for your process, or helping you explore the fit of pumice for your needs. PLEASE include your name, your company or organization, pertinent project details, ship-to address, and preferred contact information in the sample request email.

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•If you’d like a bit of pumice for personal use, we have a nice selection of pumice grades available to purchase via our Pumice Products Store.

bulletSales: (208) 766-4777 x142  •  salesmgr@hesspumice.com

The Hess Pumice Story

Hess Pumice Products was founded on good fortune and nurtured by hard work and optimism. We've grown and prospered by holding tightly to the principles that made us the world's leading commercial pumice supplier. [ MORE: THE HESS PUMICE STORY ]


About pumice and the company that mines and refines the world's purest deposit of white pumice: Hess Pumice Products

Hess has been continuously supplying pumice products for more that half a century.

Hess pumice mineThe Hess pumice mine in Southeast Idaho USA


hess pumice mine USA The Hess Wright Creek Area pumice mine. hess pumice powder processing plants Hess pumice processing plants one and two, capable of producing consistent pumice powder grades down to 3 microns (the equilivant of smoke). bagging pumice powder loading pumice powder to ship worldwide loading pumice powder in bulk rail cars 208.766-4777  •  Malad City, Idaho 83252