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In continual operation since 1958, Hess Pumice is dedicated to the highest standards of refinement, accuracy of grading and quality control. And that ensures we continue to be the leading supplier of pumice products to industry in the world.

REQUEST A PUMICE SAMPLE » Get a sample of the brightest and hardest amorphous aluminum silica commercially available in the world.

INFORMATIONAL DOWNLOADS » White papers, knowledge briefs, data sheets, product information, research studies, info graphics.

TECH DATA + GRADE SPECS SERIES Technical Data and Particle Size Specification Combination for each Hess Grade.

employment opportunities » All applications for employment with Hess are taken through our online application system.

Hess Pumice Products Company Information

about hess pumice products » Introduction and overview of Hess Pumice Products Company and our products.

the hess pumice story » Hess Pumice Products was founded on good fortune and nurtured by hard work and optimism.

contact Hess pumice » Mailing address, phones, fax, emails and division websites, plus specific extensions for our pumice experts: Sales Manager and Research and Development.

driving directions » Map and directions to get to our offices, warehouse, or plants in Malad City, Idaho.

FAQS ABOUT PUMICE » Frequently Asked Questions about Hess Pumice and pumice applications.

LEED program and PUMICE » A Look at the Ways Pumice Products Can Help Acquire LEED Program Points.

Why Hess Pumice?

superior quality pumice » The quality of Hess Pumice is recognized as superior to any U.S. source, with a hardness and purity equal or superior to any source in the world.

pumice grades and types » We process over 30 standard grades and more than 300 custom grades, and, quite frankly, we’re very good at it.

Hess Ships Pumice Worldwide » True expertise in worldwide logistics: Hess ships pumice worldwide—by freight car, ocean container, pallet, or single bag.

PUMICE Defined » The brief story of pumice.

WHY HESS PUMICE? » Hess Pumice Products is the world’s largest and most versatile producer of finely ground processed pumice. We do it with a combination of a superior pumice source, technical and logistics expertise, a commitment to pumice-use innovation, and an on-going investment in processing and testing capability and capacity.

Uses & Applications for Pumice

Hess mines, processes and supplies pumice for use in a wide and amazing variety of products and industries. Being chemically inert and crystalline silica-free, pumice is both safe to use and safe for the environment.

pumice concrete & construction materials » Pumice concrete has several exciting advantages over conventional concrete in many construction applications.

PRECAST DECORATIVE pumice CONCRETE » Pumice is the ideal aggregate for decorative concrete products.

pumice Pozzolan » HessPozz is the same natural, sustainable pozzolan the Romans so successfully used in their millennia-defying concrete mixtures. It works to improve concrete performance while replacing a percentage of the needed Portland Cement in the concrete mix design.

Hess Pozz MITIGATES Alkali Silica Reaction » ASTM standards-research provides definitive data that Hess Standard Pozz (a natural, carefully refined pumice pozzolan marketed under the ASR Miti•Gator™ product name) mitigates or eliminates the Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) in curing concrete in the presence of even the most reactive aggregate.

pumice as an abrasive and polish » Hess Pumice is used extensively worldwide for critical surface finishing processes—for glass, metal, wood, leather, and plastics.

pumice as an exfoliant and scrub » Hess Pumice is naturally pure and white and has been used for years as the active ingredient in exfoliating personal care products.

pumice as a functional filler & extender » The near-white color of our pumice, non-crystalline structure and chemically and environmentally inert nature makes Hess pumice an appealing choice as a filler and extender.

cementitious grout » U.S. Grout, a division of Hess, produces an ultra-fine cementitious grout composed of a finely ground mixture of Portland cement, HessPozz and dispersant that will fill incredibly tiny cracks and permeate and stabilize weak soils.

pumice for filtration » The foamy structure and purity of Hess pumice makes our pumice ideal to capture and hold cyanobacterial toxins and other impurities found in fouled drinking water.

HORTICULTURAL soil conditioner » Because of its highly porous nature, pumice holds water and air—both critical to well-conditioned, aerated soils.

blast mitigation » When used for purposes of blast mitigation, cellular solids, like pumice, collapse at a cellular level beneath the force of the blast, absorbing much of the blast energy and effectively containing the damage.

NEW uses for pumice » We know there are yet-to-be-discovered uses for pumice—and in some cases, re-discovered (pumice as the original concrete pozzolan). Competitive markets drive new industrial processes and performance enhancements. Environmental and worker-safety concerns drive innovation and research into alternative materials. And Hess Pumice is right there with the innovators on the industrial frontier, working with industry partners to utilize abundant, sustainable, versatile pumice.

consumer-ready products » Hess is developing and marketing a growing line of consumer-ready, pumice-centric products.


Supplying the world’s purest commercial deposit of white pumice.




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